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Version 0029.0005.2023Download

1) Optimized key functions

Version 0008.0004.2023

1) Video recording format changed from .TS to .MOV

Version 0025.0011.2021

1) Fixed a small bug

Version 011 04252024Download

1. Added Ballistic Calculator for LRF Version

  Tutorial: (To use the Ballistic Calculator you need to install the rangefinder module)
   1) Short press the menu key to enter the menu and select Ballistic Parameter.
   2) Select ON to enable the Ballistic Calculator.
   3) Adjust the ballistic parameters according to the actual situation.
   4) After saving the parameters, short press the menu button to return to the menu options, and short press the menu button again to exit the menu.
   5) Short press the power button to turn on the rangefinder, the rangefinder icon, distance and the ballistic information will display on the screen.

Version 009 011018023

1) Added display effect of 70mm lens.

Version 007 08010023


1. Menu Added:

   1.1 Metering: Three metering modes available: Multi, Center, and Sport.
   1.2 ISO Sensitivity: Options include Auto, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, and ISO 3200.
   1.3 Brightness: Range from 1 to 100, with a default value of 45.
   1.4 Contrast: Range from 1 to 100, default value of 50 (auto mode at 50).
   1.5 Saturation: Range from 1 to 100, default value of 50 (auto mode at 50).
   1.6 Button Backlight: Options to enable or disable. Pressing the zoom in and zoom out shortcuts simultaneously on the main screen can toggle this setting.

2. Notification pop-up shape changed from rectangle to ellipse.
3. Enhanced display effects for 35mm, 50mm, and 70mm lenses.

Version 006 05042023

1) Optimized the PIP function.
2) Optimized the Rangefinder cursor positioning.

Version 005 03092023

1) Optimized the photo playback.
2) Added the distance measurement value and magnification value in the 4K recording video.

Version 004 01132023

1) Optimized the night vision effect of 50mm lens.
2) Optimized some UI.

Version 003 10102022

1) Fixed Apple Mac cannot read the TF card.
2) Added yellow marker where the range finder is pointing.

Version 009 03022024Download

1) Fix the issue that the crosshair is sometimes not saved after adjustment.

Version 008 02010024

1) Optimized the lens display effect.

Version 007 01012024

1) Added a ballistic calculator: It automatically adjusts the reticle to account for distance, wind, angle, and other factors. After entering the menu and adjusting the ballistic parameters according to the actual situation, exit the menu, turn on the rangefinder, and the main interface will display a green ballistic point.
2) Added numbers on the crosshairs: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 add numbers to the three reticles.
3) Rangefinder icon: After entering the menu, set the rangefinder icon and the rangefinder spot to overlap, and the rangefinder icon position will not change after resetting the system.
4) Reordered the menu function options according to the usage frequency.

Version 005 10102023

1) Optimized daytime & night vision images
2) Fixed some small bugs

Version 004 09222023

1) Optimized night vision images

Version 002 03022024Download

1) Fix the issue that the crosshair is sometimes not saved after adjustment.