OneLeaf is a technology company based in Hong Kong specializing in optic equipments and electro-optic devices.

Our goal has always been to offer the best performing product with honest and truthful specifications and at the most reasonable price. Every one of our night vision models can now work safely 24/7, daytime or nighttime and offer features that were unheard of in traditional night vision, such as video recording, still image capture and Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.

The night vision industry has been constantly evolving and trying on the new technologies and features. Some benefit consumers greatly, others are pure gimmicks that are rarely, if ever, used in real life. We separate the substance from empty and improve on the features that are important. Our products reflect on this endeavor, and we welcome you to try them and see the difference for yourself.

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Five-Star Quality Rating

Our products are supplied with star rating that should help hesitant buyers to take a decision. Buy with confidence, OneLeaf won’t let you down.

Professional R&D Team

What’s more, our R&D team innovates, develops new products and supports our clients in the development of specific concepts and products.

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When you shop online at any Gap-family stores, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 200 USD!

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